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About us

Offering happy moments with good, healthy and natural biscuits. Knowing that we have brightened someone's journey with a small sweet treat or helped a customer surprise someone special with a delicious gift.

This is our goal and the reason why we do our best every day. Briccodolce is a craft business with the reliability of a large company. Briccodolce is our dream come true.

Our history

Four women, three generations, one family and one great passion: the Piedmontese tradition of handmade biscuits. Our company was born in 2004 from these strong and healthy roots: an all-female artisan biscuit factory that has been able to maintain an excellent quality level. We have diversified and increased our production to respond to the new food preferences of consumers through research and innovation.

Briccodolce Staff

The shop

Our biscuits find a home in the heart of Turin and here you can experience first-hand the craftsmanship and passion that have made the difference for years.

"At Briccodolce you always find the right idea". This is what the customers of our shop tell us.

We welcome everyone as if they were family, ready to give the best advice on every occasion.


Negozio Briccodolce
Ricette tradizionali Briccodolce

Traditional recipes handed down through generations.

Materie prime Briccodolce

High-quality certified and selected raw materials.

Cura del prodotto Briccodolce

Product care, every process is studied and controlled.

Personalizzazione Briccodolce

Endless possibilities for customisation and supply reliability.

A project we put our heart into that made us proud.

For us,"Bricco’s women", making biscuits has been a natural and daily passion for three generations.
However, when Air Dolomiti asked us to make a pink biscuit for the Life is Pink campaign, promoted by the Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro Onlus, in support of the fight against women's cancer, even stronger personal motivations came to light. We’ve worked around the clock for seven months, researching and experimenting to achieve the best result.

A Pink heart in support of health and hope, to turn a negative experience into a positive challenge.. A biscuit with an important message carved in its sweet heart: everyone can do something to help those in need not to feel lonely.