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The quality of homemade biscuits combined with great production capacity.

Whether travelling or at home, in hotels or at the café, Briccodolce products win over all palates with their authenticity and unmistakable flavour.


How can you recognise Briccodolce biscuits?

They are small, beautiful and suitable for every happy moment!


Made with love, with an eye on taste, health and well-being. And you can feel it.

Briccodolce gives every partner, be it an airline or a restaurant, the opportunity to diversify its offer with top-quality biscuits. This is why choosing our products means caring for the good quality of your offer, but also for the image and values you want to convey.

Our biscuits come in different formats, from 5 to 500 grams, depending on the type. Likewise, we can customise our packaging and recipes, working together to create something special.

Our customers and the customers of the companies we work with every day have chosen us for the biscuits that we have been making with passion for three generations.


Famiglia Briccodolce

A project we put our heart into that made us proud.

For us,"Bricco’s women", making biscuits has been a natural and daily passion for three generations.
However, when Air Dolomiti asked us to make a pink biscuit for the Life is Pink campaign, promoted by the Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro Onlus, in support of the fight against women's cancer, even stronger personal motivations came to light. We’ve worked around the clock for seven months, researching and experimenting to achieve the best result.

A Pink heart in support of health and hope, to turn a negative experience into a positive challenge.. A biscuit with an important message carved in its sweet heart: everyone can do something to help those in need not to feel lonely.