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Quality to showcase. Tradition and taste on display. Biscuits that make a difference.

Like all natural things that speak the genuine and simple language of the tradition, Briccodolce biscuits make everyone fall in love with their unmistakable sweetness.

The shelves and counters of neighbourhood shops are enriched with our products that convey the values of tradition and craftsmanship to customers.

The 100, 180 and 500 gram packs we produce for our shop are available to all shopkeepers that wish to add a sweet temptation to their business. A healthy and tasty product capable of enhancing their gastronomic offer.

A story to give. An unmistakable flavour to sell.




Airlines, restaurants, hotels, shops!

They choose us on a daily basis because they appreciate the quality of our products, the reliability of delivery, the control and careful selection of each ingredient.

Artisanal production, similar to that of a mother and grandmother in their own kitchen, combined with the control and security of a large company. The taste of biscuits remains in the family, while they spread like wildfire.

To ensure the truthfulness of what we promise our customers, we have involved Certification Bodies, (national and international) external auditing organisations.

The International Food Standard (IFS) is the international food certification that allows us to guarantee quality and safety at all stages of the process.

The Halal certification, on the other hand, ensures that all our products comply with Islamic principles.

Selected ingredients and craftsmanship. Our strengths to display.

If you would like to try our biscuits before offering them to your customers, please fill in the form below. We will contact you back with more details.

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