Briccodolce. A story of sweet passion

Four women, three generations, two families and one great passion: the Piedmontese tradition of handmade biscuits. These are the strong and healthy roots that formed the base of our company, founded in 2004: an all-female artisan biscuit factory that has been able to preserve excellent quality. We have diversified and increased production, responding to our consumers’ evolving taste with research and innovation.


Made with love, thinking about taste, health and well-being.
And it shows.

Traditional recipes refined with the help of the best Italian confectioners. Certified production specifications.

Raw materials of the highest quality, short chain and certified, selected among the best products the territory has to offer, where possible.

No artificial flavours,, , additives or preservatives. The juices and mashes we use are obtained from fresh vegetables and fruits. The most delicate processes are still made by hand.

We promote a nutritionally healthy and balanced diet. We study and test new natural ingredients for new biscuits,without ever giving up taste and pleasure.

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How can you recognise Briccodolce biscuits? Easy: they’re small, beautiful, they smell nice and they are perfect for your moments of joy



Let them a-maize you.
Tip: before tasting them, smell them. The scent of ripe corn, the warmth of a sweet summer, a feeling of well-being and vigour will surround you. And then, try not to eat them all if you can!



“Everyone asks for me, everyone wants me...”, just like Figaro sings, this soft-hearted biscuit will enchant your breakfast with the intense flavour of dark cocoa. You’ll soon want another one. If you’re looking for an intense flavour without butter, this biscuit has the right temper and crunch that will sweep you off your feet.



The founder
Grandma Rosina’s recipe led to the first biscuit made in our factory, the one that shaped everything that followed. A perfect mix of crunchy Piedmontese hazelnut grains and chocolate chips, perfect to shower her grandchildren with sweet cuddles from morning to evening.



A trip to the South
Cocoa biscuits with freshly grated orange peel and rum. Your palate will travel through orange blossoms and Central American plantations on the rum routes. Enjoy them while sipping tea or as an exotic after-dinner with friends.


pastameligaPASTA MELIGA02

Grandma's original.
Another classic recipe handed down from grandma, not to be put into question: simply spot-on! The stone-ground wholemeal corn flour welcomes cream, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla and lemon zest to renew the eternal pleasure of home-made biscuits.



A burst of sweetness and fantasy, volcanic swirls of meringue with whole hazelnut from an ancient recipe of the Langhe territory. Handmade with a spoon, no butter nor lactose but surely a lot of love. Their sublime ugliness will charm you, their crunchy taste will captivate you.


lingue gattoLINGUEGATTO02

Butter and purring.
The classic biscuit to cheer your breaks. Handmade like caresses, with tender wheat flour, soft butter and icing sugar. Wrinkled to the touch but velvety on the palate, a moment of sweetness that everyone needs to always be reminded that life is beautiful.



Tempting in name and in fact.
Imagine a white meringue mountain with lots of little dark chocolate chips. Fill a piping bag and then, by hand, one by one, make many spiral meringues with a final swirl. Leave them in the oven overnight to cool down. In the morning, an army of tempters will be ready to challenge your integrity...



A Moka flavour.
Intense and fragrant like a sugar candy on the palate, these delicious doughnuts taste like coffee made in the coffee pot! Two complementary flavours, cream and coffee, combined in a single biscuit: a hymn to the pleasure of the Italian breakfast.



You, them and ice-cream.
If you know how hard it is to bite nougat, well, you're gonna love these ones! They won't put up any resistance and will fill your mouth with sublime flavours. Piedmontese hazelnuts, cocoa, egg white and icing sugar: Only 4 ingredients in these irresistible crunchy delights. Always a treat, but perfect with ice cream.



The party never stops.
If you think the party is over, you’re wrong. This delicious soft wheat flour egg turns an everyday breakfast into a feast. This classic bourbon vanilla shortbread is always a pleasure to enjoy, from Easter to Christmas, whether alone or in company.


osso mandorlaOSSOMANDORLA02

It takes 48 hours to make them and only 48 seconds to make them disappear
Only 3 ingredients (egg white, sugar and whole almonds). Just like their cocoa brothers, it takes 48 hours to make them, entirely by hand. Very selected raw materials, a lot of effort and a well-deserved success. But too, too tasty: how long will it take you to finish them?



Your first smile in the morning.
As simple and good as the flower they're named after. Delicate and fragrant, made with corn flour, sunflower oil and lemon zest. You picked them up and they smile at you. Dip them in coffee or tea. They will make you feel loved from breakfast in the morning to the last treat before going to sleep.



Coconut vegan.
For breakfast or as a snack, some people prefer to avoid eggs, lactose and dairy products. Yet, they don't want to give up the taste and flavour of a biscuit. So, here are some cuddles especially made for adults and children, with the natural sweetness of coconut. And bye bye eggs and butter!

A project we put our heart into that made us proud.

For us,"Bricco’s women", making biscuits has been a natural and daily passion for three generations.
However, when Air Dolomiti asked us to make a pink biscuit for the Life is Pink campaign, promoted by the Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro Onlus, in support of the fight against women's cancer, even stronger personal motivations came to light. We’ve worked around the clock for seven months, researching and experimenting to achieve the best result.
A Pink heart in support of health and hope, to turn a negative experience into a positive challenge.. A biscuit with an important message carved in its sweet heart: everyone can do something to help those in need not to feel lonely.



Someone may not believe that what we're saying is all true. This is why we have turned to the Certification Bodies, external control organisations (both international and national) that guarantee the reliability of what we promise you. And in turn, we choose only certified suppliers.