Classical line biscuits


Fine chocolate, high-quality hazelnuts and selected flours enhance the body of our Frollini, the lightness of the Lingue di gatto, the simplicity of the Pannocchiette and the taste of Briccolini, with all the perfume of chocolate, lemon, vanilla and cinnamon, to offer you the energy of coffee, the sweetness of cream and the exotic taste… Read more »

The Chicche Biscuits


Thanks to their fine ingredients, these exclusive, tasty and artisan-made products are suitable even for the most demanding palates. The Chicche’s look and taste appeal and seduce the most demanding palates with unforgettable tastes: a rich taste of intense chocolate, crunchy meringues, tasty almonds and hazelnuts. A selection of sweets which can satisfy all your… Read more »

The Fibre Golose biscuits


The Fibre Golose biscuits are dedicated to all those who are not happy with conventional sweets, but look for the perfect blend of taste and nutrition, to satisfy their whims without renouncing to a good dose of fibres and nutritional properties. Having a sweet is not a transgression or a sin, if the taste meets… Read more »

The Snack Line Biscuits


The biscuits of our Snack line are made for our modern customers, for all those who have an active and dynamic lifestyle: young students, workers, commuters and travellers need single-dose packed products, which can easily be eaten on the go. Today, Briccodolce offers artisan-made, convenient products which can be easily found in your daily trips…. Read more »

Flavory Line Savoury Snacks


The Flavory line is the debut of Briccodolce in the world on savoury snacks. This mouth-watering and creative line has been designed to offer a range of high-quality, natural, Italian-style, savoury delicacies to airways passengers. This line is presented to airways as a tasty snack in a colourful and convenient packaging, for a more pleasant… Read more »

The Cakes


Our Cakes have the rich and intense taste of genuineness. They are created by nature and its products, they are prepared in our artisan workshop and reach your table, with all the freshness and wholesomeness of fully hand-made products. Just looking at them will make you desire to eat them: the appearance and the anticipation… Read more »

Gift Boxes


You can offer the tastefulness of Briccodolce products for all special events with the exclusive gift boxes. With Briccodolce’s usual attentiveness and constant search for perfection, we really care for packaging and presentation of our products.  Our gift boxes and packaging have been designed to fuse taste and beauty: a charming idea for any celebration…. Read more »