Briccodolce’s philosophy is simple and can be described by three words: Tasty, Healthy and Hand-made.
The biscuit factory was created from scratch in a kitchen, using simple ingredients and just a few working tools. Still today, most of our biscuits are hand-made and hand-packed, since the most delicate products, like the cream and coffee “ciambelline”, need a special care when they are being packed, in order not to get damaged.

The best ingredients are chosen for every production and many tests are carried out before reaching the quality target set. Then, we select the right packaging to protect and keep the finished product as long as possible. Briccodolce does not use any preservatives, chemical additives nor flavourings: everything is natural. The “Carlotte”, for instance, are carrot biscuits: true fresh-made mashed carrots are added to the dough.

The whole Briccodolce production line is controlled and traceable: we try our recipes, we modify and monitor them continuously, to adapt them to our Customers’ tastes and to create new sweet che savoury delicacies! The original idea was to produce good, hand-made and traditionally-prepared biscuits…and that’s what we do!

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