Briccodolce is a story which started many years ago… It is named after an old and beloved country house on the hills surrounding Turin. One of those houses where families gather to spend summer holidays and week-ends in full peace. One of those places where time stops to make room for traditions ,memories and people you love. Briccodolce is the name of this special house. The idea, instead, belongs to two sisters, Ivana and Vittorina, who have always been very keen on cooking and baking. Cooking has always been their mom’s job. Granny Rosina, as everybody calls her, opened a restaurant in Spain, which had extraordinary success. In a summer afternoon, while preparing sweets for a snack with their children, nephews and nieces, Ivana and Vitti had the idea to create their new company: the Biscotteria Artigianale Briccodolce officially opened in 2004.

Many things are different, now; the small artisan workshop has grown into a true enterprise, but the love for good and beautiful things and all the experience and artisan work which have always characterised Briccodolce are still unchanged.

Now Briccodolce family is bigger: Granny Rosina, Mom Ivana and Auntie Vitti work together with their niece Giulia and their nephew Victor. Customers are not just clients, they are first of all our friends, as often shown along the years. Thanks to them, Briccodolce has grown and changed and its story can go on!

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