Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana


The “Artisan Excellence” title, awarded to companies by the Piedmont Region, aims at protecting and re-launching traditional prestigious artisan productions and offering working opportunities which express the ability to re-interpret our past through current cultural and aesthetic trends. Le imprese di per ottenere il riconoscimento possono dimostrare di produrre artigianalmente secondo quegli elementi essenziali che distinguono… Read more »

Halal certification


Briccodolce products are Halal certified. Halal is an Arabic word which means “allowed”. In the Western world, it has mostly to do with food, which must be processed according to the Islamic law. “Halal” actually indicates all what is allowed by the Islamic law. The “Halal Italy” certificate guarantees that all Halal-certified products and their… Read more »

Briccodolce’s 10th anniversary


We started our quality project ten years ago. We have enthusiastically and rigorously gathered and kept all history, culture and intense and unchanged taste of the original recipes which have made the Piedmontese confectionery famous. Today, that project is a solid reality that we all have built together.